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Painting has the potential for alteration where subjects can be fragmented  to force the viewer to see images from a different perspective.  Normal images become practice for a different manipulation to create drama and direction.   Metaphor paintings are flashbacks to experiences; they can express happy exuberent times, bruised delusions, images that are haunting and dream scapes.  Some characters are modeled form  past experiences while others have stereotyped personalities. Subjects are studied for attitude, angles, and point of view.  Images are redefined in visual associations and removed from their normal context.  A reflective reorganization of subjects sounds a chord for disharmony with multiple interpretations.  They can be thought provoking, field paintings or abstracted nudes.

Field of Borrowed Seasons

Field of Sinking Melodies

Expendable Solution

Emerging Schooled Sprites

Endangered Bestowal

Bequest a Whisper

Field of Fluid Grace

A Dreamer’s Dream

Discernible Choices

Decision’s Voices